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Console controller
$3M Tax Liability Flips Into $200K Credit For A Video Game Company
Physical therapy clinic
$400K Debt & Profitable Exit Accomplished in 9 Months for Physical Therapy Business
Spa salon
High-End Spa More Than Doubles Valuation, Avoids $500K In Tax Penalties, And Enjoys Handsome Exit
Ice hockey rink
Youth Sports Business Acquires $3,000,000 Hockey Rink With No Money Spent And No Debt Incurred

How it works:

Spend 2-minutes answering 19 questions that will change your financial life forever
Uncover your unique Wealth Type™ & 5 must-know Wealth Rules
Start playing YOUR wealth game on your own terms

Created By Dan Nicholson

Quietly revered as a secret weapon...

Dan Nicholson is the entrepreneur's secret weapon - a creative finance assassin with a laundry list of wins: repeatedly helping small business owners scale up, eliminate debt, and achieve their loftiest financial goals in record time. He's the mastermind behind the game-changing Wealth Type Assessment™, which brings his wealth-building superpowers directly to you.

Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

Founder of one of the fastest growing top 10 accounting firms in the world - Nth Degree CPAs.

Helped over 2,500 entrepreneurs and business owners transform their financials, and their lives.

Following generic financial advice will eventually cost you millions.

Every financial decision you make without knowing your unique Wealth Type™ is a shot in the dark. Keep relying on the same tired, generic advice that’s been failing you… or arm yourself with the insider tools that Dan uses to help his clients pocket an additional 6 or 7-figures every year. Fair warning: once you see what’s possible with your Wealth Type™, you’ll never go back.

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You want to build wealth and live life your way? Then it's time to stop playing by everyone else's rules.

Your Wealth Type™ and personalized Wealth Rules are your secret weapon. This isn't about some vague idea of abundance or following the beaten path. This is about taking control of your net worth and creating the life you've always known you were meant to live. Ready to step up? Take the assessment now. It's time to start playing your own game.

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